Flange heating unit with a ceramic heating element, its own operating and safety thermostat suitable as auxiliary heater for hot water tanks.

The unit is designed for installation into the flange hole of the OKCE 160–500 S, OKC 160–500 NTR(NTRR)/BP heaters, according to the dimensions of the heater flange. It is equipped with ceramic heating elements and an operating and safety thermostat with DHW temperature control in the range of 5–74 °C

The TPK 210/12 heating flanges can also be used in storage tanks with a flange, i.e. NAD v1, NAD v3-v5 and NADO v1-v3. When using a 225/210 reduction flange, the unit can also be used for the OKC NTR/BP, OKC NTRR/BP, OKC NTR/HP, OKC NTRR/HP/SOL and OKCE S heaters.

You can check the usability of the TPK units for the individual types and capacities of Dražice heaters in the usability table.

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