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O společnosti DZ Dražice

The Druzstevni zavody Drazice company is the No. 1 producer of water heaters in the Czech Republic, which is well know all around Europe. The company exports its products to almost twenty countries all around the world.

Water heaters with the Drazice label are highly demanded by the Czech consumers as evidenced by the dominant share on the Czech market in the amount of 50 %. The basic activities of the DZ Drazice company consist in production and sales of water heaters. In the production programme of the company there are different models of water heaters with vertical, horizontal, stationary, electric and combined design in volumes from 5 to 1000 litres, and also indirect stationary water reservoirs (exchangers) in volumes from 100 to 1000 litres.

Among the important subjects of activity belongs production of water reservoirs with indirect heating designed for producers of gas boilers. The aim of the DZ Drazice company is to strenghten its leading position on the Czech market and to range among the best European companies in this field of activity. The solid base of the company's success is the excellent tradition and quality of our products, responsible and perfect customer service and good reputation of the company responsible to the environment protection.

Družstevní závody Dražice-strojírna s.r.o.
Dražice 69, 294 71 Benátky nad Jizerou
Czech Republic
Tel.: +420 326 370 911
E-mail: info@dzd.cz