Maintenance-free titanium anode with its own power supply and unlimited lifetime to protect the enamel reservoir.

Each enameled vessel for heating water includes a magnesium anode that dissolves. The anode’s service life is approximately two years. After this time, replacement is required, which necessitates dismantling the flange and draining the heater. The maintenance-free titanium anode is a welcome alternative.

The CORREX MP titanium anode with external power source can be used for all stationary enameled vessels with a capacity of up to 300 liters. For continuous 24-hour protection, it is necessary to connect the anode outside the power source for the heater (lower DSM tariff), e.g. directly into a socket. The anode has a very low power consumption. After connection to a power source, the CORREX MP titanium anode operates throughout the entire lifetime of the heater.

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