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The relief valve consists of a brass body (designed for contact with drinking water) without surface treatment and a replaceable head. 

The point of contact between the body and the head is sealed with an O-ring made of EPDM rubber and secured against separation by a cotter pin made of corrosion proof steel. 
The advantage of the T-3160 relief valve is the easy installation and replacement of the head without the need to replace the brass body. It has a removable safety part that can be purchased as a spare part at DZ Dražice company. It connects to an external thread, making it easy to connect to the system. The drain can be adjusted in any direction within 360°. Precise adjustment of the opening pressure is guaranteed. 
Each valve has an non-interchangeable identification, which can be used to obtain feedback on the behaviour of the valvehead in production or use for claim.


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