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TO series from Dražice wins design award at the BIG SEE Product Design Awards 2021

We won the prestigious BIG SEE Product Design Awards 2021 for the design of the TO 5.1 and TO 10.1 electric water heaters. These devices, which are succeeded in a wide competition of products from a total of 21 countries in Central and South-Eastern Europe, were also nominated for the shortlisted category of the Grand Prix competition. The panel of judges appreciated not only their aesthetic qualities and level of creativity, but also their environmental impact and their possibilities of application on foreign markets.

We appreciate the award for the water heaters of the TO series because it is a proof of the quality of our products and their growing popularity among the professional and general public. The renowned designer Zdeněk Veverka stands behind the modern design of the water heaters of the TO series, to whom we would like to thank very much.

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