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This year, a new product by Družstevní závody Dražice, which meets the modern requirements for effective and quick water heating in residential buildings, will enrich the water heaters market. Plochý elektrický bojler flat electric boiler, a scrag with 300mm depth, is suitable for small and narrow spaces, and can be used as an adequate replacement for a gas water heater.

The OKHE ONE water heater (types 30–120) is intended for accumulative heating of water using a ceramic heater. It controls a thermostat with continuous setting of the required temperature (from 5°C up to 74°C) upon achieving of which the heating stops automatically. The new boiler is designed for installations to place where a standard boiler may not be installed. Actually, its depth is 300mm only and deployment in a small bathroom or kitchen is possible. With high IP44 rating, the boiler can be located near consumption points (e.g. by a bathtub or kitchen unit), and can be directly wall-mounted vertically, horizontally, or on a universal Dražice-designed hinge available as an option.

ZOKHE ONE - mounting the heater using a universal hinge - slot width for screw M8

OKHE ONE - mounting the heater using a universal hinge - slot width for screw M6

OKHE ONE - mounting the heater directly on the wall using screws

OKHE ONE - exchange of the original heater

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