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Nová izolační pěna ThermoGen2 pro bolery DZ Dražice

Thanks to the new insulating foam ThermoGen2 our water heaters are even more economical. Since April 2017 we have been using a new polyurethane insulating Covestro ThermoGen2 foam that ensures long life and low losses of the water heater. For water heaters with a capacity above 300 litres we have also developed a modification of even more efficient insulating properties.

In some models we will thus achieve improvements in their energy class without having to make the adaptations to their original dimensions, insulation thicknesses, sleeve sizes or weights. The resulting product will be energy efficient as well as environmentally friendly.

We are going to use the innovative mixture as standard in all models above 300 litres from September 2017. Some of them will also have additional insulation of the flange cover stopper – at the point where the foam does not insulate the water heater. Through that innovation we are responding not only to the demands of our clients, but also to the stricter energy and environmental criteria of the European Union. From the autumn of 2017, D- and E- energy class appliances for heating and water heating will no longer be produced.

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